Signum "The Griffin"

The essence of the work is found in every satisfied customer.

The griffin was awarded to the GRASSMAYR bellfounders by the Bishop of Brixen in 1692. At that time, the powerful bishops of Brixen were responsible for the land of Southern Tyrol, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. 

The griffin as a signum is a seal of quality that can be found on every bell from the GRASSMAYR bellfoundry. Depending on our customers’ wishes and in accordance with ancient tradition, the year of the casting, a crown with angel heads, "healing" sage leaves and sometimes even "playful" salamanders as a symbol of vitality are cast "from one single flow". (Note: all decorations, also the salamanders are formed with the help of modeled wax positives).

The griffin is a mythical creature: with the beak and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, combining strength with wisdom and earthly with heavenly power.

With dignity, strength and joy, the griffin of the GRASSMAYR bellfoundry carries a bouquet of grass for earthly beauty and holds a precious bell in its right hand like a sceptre, which is intended to touch people's hearts with its musical sounds.


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