… the art of making damaged bells and bowls sound again …

Valuable historic bells require complex processes and highly sensitive, specialized work steps for their restoration. Depending on the cause of the damage, different procedures and solutions are required. Detailed aspects are tailored to the regional requirements of the customer and the monument authorities.

Bells are musical instruments. Therefore, the analysis of the tones, the determination of the "musical fingerprint" (developed by ECC-ProBell®) is an essential part of the damage analysis. Depending on the job definition, complex simulation calculations of the bell shape (rib) and reconstructions are important work steps.

Matched to the alloy of historical bells, replicas of handles, crowns and bell segments are recast using the same bronze mixtures as originally used.

Heating the historic bells in coordinated and specially controlled temperature curves is a prerequisite for the sustainable restoration of the bells.  The bells are wrapped with heating elements and insulating material for this purpose. Welding is an important part of the restoration process.

Faithful reconstructions of decorations and texts by trained sculptors are essential for the quality of the surface treatment. 

Comprehensive quality control is including the analysis of partial tones and the documentation of the so called "musical fingerprint".


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