Ancient bells are the sounding memory of our history.

In past centuries, it was a common practice to melt cracked or supposedly "inferior" bells and use the metal for new bells or other cast products. Unfortunately, a valuable part of our cultural history has been lost as a result.

The Grassmayr bellfoundry has been researching the causes of damage to bells for over 25 years. Several years of cooperation with ECC-ProBell®, technical institutes and universities have led to new findings and in some cases to the refutation of traditional doctrines.

With a respectful view on the past and a strong will to innovate, the Grassmayr bellfoundry succeeded in further developing and improving conventional restoration processes.

Hundreds of defective bells from twelve European countries have been restored at the Grassmayr bell foundry. Now these bells can ring again with their original sounds for the joy of future generations. So, the bellfoundry Grassmayr has already made a name for itself as "bell clinic".


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Leopoldstraße 53
6020 Innsbruck
Tel. +43 512 59416





Glockengießerei Grassmayr, Innsbruck
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