Orchestra bowls

at home in many orchestras as part of the musical equipment.

The distinctive striking tone (nominal) of the GRASSMAYR orchestra bowls results from the blending of the numerous partials. The lower octave sounds strong and enduring, while the upper octave and third add a good character.

The orchestra bowls are tuned with an accuracy of ± 5 cents (= ± 5/100 semitone) in the Grassmayr bellfoundry, using the upper octave as the reference tone for the partials. The orchestra bowls are usually cast and tuned with the reference tone a1 = 440 Hz. Depending on the tuning of the orchestra and our customers request, the orchestra bowls are also tuned differently, e.g. a1 = 443 Hz or a1 = 444 Hz.

The low weight of the orchestra bowls makes them attractive for orchestras, as they can enrich their music with very deep-sounding tones while being light and therefore easier to manipulate. For comparison: an orchestra bowl with the tone a/0 weighs only 170 kg, but the corresponding bell weighs approx. 4.400 kg.

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