Sound tubes

… with an impressive size …

The Danish city of Aarhus has realized a special art project in preparation for its selection as European Capital of Culture. Danish artist Kristine Roepstorff had the idea of installing the world's largest sound tube in the city center. The 7.5 m high and 2.7 ton heavy sound tube is struck with a large steel ball every time a child is born and so to welcome the new inhabitant of the city of Aarhus with this special sound.

This large sound tube is artistically decorated with a large sun symbol and many stars and was cast in an 8.5 m high clay mold in 2015. The sound tube was inaugurated by the Queen of Denmark as part of a grand ceremony.

Unfortunately, the first casting did not fill the entire tube mold with the 1.150 degree hot liquid bronze. Therefore the sound tube for Aarhus had to be molded and cast a second time. The first sound tube is over 6 meters high and weighs 2.5 tons and is now hanging in the bell museum of the Grassmayr bell foundry in Innsbruck.

Visual impressions


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