Sounding plates

… surprising vibes …

With their seemingly simple form, sound plates are little known; the playable sounds are all the more astonishing. With a single sound plate, the same tone can be played at three (!) different octave heights depending on where it is struck; in addition to other partial tones that can be elicited from the instrument.

Sound plates tuned in 2 octaves: lower octave - upper octave

Sound plates tuned in 3 octaves: lower octave - prime - upper octave

GRASSMAYR-Klang-Platten sind in berühmten Orchestern zu hören: Münchner Philharmoniker, Berliner Philharmoniker, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Staatstheater Hamburg, Festspielhaus Erl, Opera House Katar.   

Over the past centuries, there has been much experimentation with bell metals. Brass, steel, cast iron, aluminum and above all bronze alloys. Sound plates with the same bronze alloy (copper and tin) as bells would break when played due to the high tin content. Brass (copper and zinc) and steel are better for sound plates. A special sound experience, you will be amazed!

Visual impressions


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