The art of ornamentation & decoration of bells

As personal as the wishes and messages are that a person spreads
with the sound of the bell and still want to share today,
as incomparable is one bell with the other.

Technically speaking, bells do not need crowns or ornamentation in order to sound. However, bells do take on a symbolic meaning through their ornamentation and, due to their usually long lifespan, also a historical one. There are no "guidelines" for the design of the decorations, except that too thick decorations have an unfavorable effect on the tone structure.

It is a gift and challenge at the same time for the customer to give his individual bell a personal, unique decoration. What should the bell ring for? What message should it convey, what blessings does he wish for - today and in the future?

The sculptors at the GRASSMAYR bellfoundry give shape to the customer's ideas through their modelling art. Personal handwriting, imaginative crown heads or detailed, artistic illustrations characterize the challenges. You can look forward to this!


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Leopoldstraße 53
6020 Innsbruck
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Glockengießerei Grassmayr, Innsbruck
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