The art of creating and ringing a duplicate true to the original

Famous historical bell peals sound on basis of characteristical bell ribs of long gone historical founders. Transpositive replicas allow additions to be made to a historic chime.

Thanks to several years of research activities and simulation programs, the GRASSMAYR bellfoundry was able to add "missing" bells into chimes made by historical founders. After analyzing the bell rib and partial tone harmonies, the new bells were cast as replicas, sometimes with different striking tones in the determined historical ribs. For example: in Oettingen (D): Rib of the founder Christof von Nürnberg from the year 1566; Leipzig: Bells of the founder Große; Bologna (IT): Bells of the founder Brighenti; Bremen Cathedral (D): Bells made by the founder Otto.

Historically significant bells were recast for museum purposes. Both visually and in terms of sound, the recast is almost indistinguishable from the original.

If segments of historical bells are missing, such as crown handles or entire crowns, these can be recast and restored true to the original. For more information see the section „restoration“.


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