Sound Room

Sounds filling the room.

Mysticism in the sound room. We invite you to take part in an acoustic adventure. Bell tones become visible, audible and palpable. Try it out for yourself!

Let the vibrations of the tones move through your body. You will be amazed!

Does a bell always sound the same? Can different tones be evoked by one single strike of a bell?

The secret of GRASSMAYR bells is the calculation of their special shapes ("bell rib"). The bells from Tyrol are "musical instruments", whose complex structure allows several partial tones to be heard. The tone structure is essentially characterized by the acoustically audible striking tone as well as the upper octave, the prime, the third, the fifth and the lower octave.



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Leopoldstraße 53
6020 Innsbruck
Tel. +43 512 59416



Glockengießerei Grassmayr, Innsbruck
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