A time leap from an ancient, traditional to a quality-oriented, modern bellfoundry

Entering the old casting hall, visitors sense the mystique of this traditional artscraft. The old wood-burning furnace is more than just a historical document of the craft's history, as it is still used to melt up to 10 tons of bronze with dry spruce wood in case of a very large casting. The old chain cranes and casting pits are witnesses to a nostalgic era of craftsmanship.

The "Bell Museum" is the masterly and successful combination of "museum space" with "living craftsmanship". Visitors can watch the casters at work in the modern and colorful bell foundry during operating hours. The heart of the new bell foundry is a 6-metre-deep pit in which a bell weighing over 25 tons has already been cast.

The production cycle for making a bell takes 3 to 4 months. Accordingly, visitors can see the various steps in this daily changing process. The casting of the bell is a highlight within the bell-making process. The request for a blessing in the form of a common prayer precedes the casting, during which several tons are cast together for clients from different countries. These appointments are reserved for customers - an exciting event with Tyrolean Schnaps on top to celebrate the successful bell casting.


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Leopoldstraße 53
6020 Innsbruck
Tel. +43 512 59416



Glockengießerei Grassmayr, Innsbruck
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